5 Layers of Grief with Carl Lentz’s Ministry Ending at Hillsong

1. Grieve for his family.

Lost in the media’s obsession with the woman Carl had an affair with is Carl’s family. Lara Lentz has been ignored and disregarded by Good Morning America. She’s only grabbed the attention of photographers looking to spread gossip and speculation.

2. Grieve for his church.

Hillsong is moving on to their next chapter with the hope that the best is yet to come. Skeptics and cynics will claim those are platitudes, but those inside Hillsong have a chance to pursue a best that God will define, not their past or outsiders expectations.

3. Grief for the NYC church.

The church throughout NYC is also grieving. As a pastor in NYC, you grieve any pastor who leaves and especially those who leave through mistakes and pain. Pastoring is a privilege and a gift, but it is also difficult and painful. Right now, over 50% of pastors nationally are considering leaving their ministry under the stress and pressures of the pandemic.

4. Grieve for those far from God.

Carl had a gift in his preaching and personality to connect with those far from God. Hillsong was a place where people found the preacher real and relatable.

5. Grieve for celebrities

This is a strange one but it came to mind when I saw a number of celebrities including Justin Bieber discuss his bouts with depression. Celebrities, it turns out, are humans too. Carl Lentz is famously associated with Justin Bieber through Bieber’s baptism.

Two final thoughts…

First, I never knew Carl enough to understand him and why he did certain things. You can question all you want what others do, but you never really grasp their lives unless you walk in their shoes. It sounds like his problems extend beyond an affair and Hillsong will seek out new levels of repentance and change for them.



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Logan Gentry

Logan Gentry


I'm a man on a mission to be a better man, husband, father, Christian & pastor. I write to process my own thoughts and emotions. Hope it encourage you.